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Anti - Doping and Medication Control

Introduction by Dr Andrew Higgins – Chair of the Doping and Medication Advisory Panel (DMAP)


DMAP Chairman Dr Andrew Higgins

In March 2010 the GBGB published the Report of the Independent Anti-Doping and Medication Control Review. The full Report can be accessed here.
The review contained 12 recommendations, one of which was to form a Doping and Medication Advisory Panel (DMAP), which exists primarily to to advise the GBGB Board, to oversee all matters relating to medication control and doping prevention, and to improve understanding of these issues within the sport in order to protect animal welfare and integrity.
This Anti – Doping and Medication Control section on the GBGB web site reflects the Board’s determination to ensure clean sport in greyhound racing.  It contains information that should be of use to all Trainers, Veterinarians, Officials and all with an interest in the sport.

From time to time important articles are published in the Calendar on anti-doping and medication control. These can be found in the Calendar Notices section here. We hope that this site will become a “one stop shop” where any queries that a trainer or veterinarian has concerning the administration of medicaments can be answered. There will be a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, as well as a Trainers' Guide to help explain the procedures for doping control and what happens when a dog tests positive. If you still cannot find the answer you need then use the contact us form and write directly to the Panel for guidance.


Other initiatives include the Elective Test, which offers trainers a means of examining their greyhound’s urine for specific steroids prior to a race. This is a private test organised through the GBGB with our appointed laboratory, LGC Ltd. Full details can be found here. We are also working on devising better oestrus control measures for racing bitches.

Summaries of DMAP meetings can be found in these pages enabling readers to see how GBGB is working towards establishing a coherent and rigorous policy.

Anti-doping and medication control is dynamic and constantly changing. As in all sport there will always be a tiny minority of people who will try to cheat. It is the duty of the Regulator to do all they reasonably can to prevent these attempts and to promote best practice. DMAP is the mechanism used by GBGB to achieve that end. We are here to serve your sport. Your comments will always be welcome.  To comment click here.


Please note that a number of new sections and initiatives are under development and will be added to this site in the near future. These include the FAQ section and the Guide for Trainers.