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(as printed in the GBGB Calendar)


         Update/reporting protocol for the GBGB Sudden Death Research Project (word doc) - printed Vol 2 No 5/ 12th March 2010

         Canine Respiratory Disease (word doc) - printed Vol 2 No 14/ 16th July 2010




Veterinary Sub-Committee

The sub-committee reports to the Welfare Standing Committee and is chaired by GBGB Veterinary Director Simon Gower.


Members include:


  - Andrew Bartholomew (track vet at Oxford Stadium),

  - Simon Adams (track vet at Poole Stadium)

  - Frances Allen (track vet at Newcastle and Veterinary Advisor at the RGT)

  - Richard Payne (Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Liverpool) and

  - Duncan Gibson (GBGB Manager of Welfare and Integrity Services)


Summary notes from the latest VSC meetings can be downloaded below -


         19th February 2010

         15th April 2010

         17th June 2010  

         12th August 2010

         7th October 2010