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Owners' Bonus Series


GBGB is pleased to announce the continuation of the Owners’ Bonus Series (OBS) into 2013 following budget approval by the British Greyhound Racing Fund in December. The two-round competitions for 12 or 18 greyhounds that provide graders with the opportunity to run for £500 begin on Thursday 10th January at Monmore (A4) and Newcastle (HP).

15 months have passed since the Series was introduced in October 2011 and competition dates running to June 2013 are now available to view below . The prize fund for each final totals £1,100 with the winner of each final receiving £500 plus a trophy and other finalists getting £100 plus an additional £100 going to the winning trainer.

The standard prize money, saved by not funding a race of the grade of the final itself, will be added back into graded prize money as increased run and/or win money across the card at a subsequent meeting at that track.

Further dates will be confirmed for the remainder of 2013 later in the year. This follows on from the Christmas and January bonus schemes where, each track received a £5,000 Christmas Bonus and £6,000 this month additional money, paid out to graded races at each track.


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 Updated 26.04.14