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Transport Changes to Minimum Cage Sizes and Ventilation

The existing legislation now states that: a Sufficient floor area and height is provided for the animals, appropriate for their size and the intended journey (Article 3: General conditions for the Transport of Animals g)) and that a Sufficient space shall be provided inside the animals' compartment and at each of its levels to ensure that there is adequate ventilation above the animals when they are in a naturally standing position, without on any account hindering their natural movement (Chapter II - Means of Transport- Provision for all Means of Transport 1.2). These override any other guidance notes, so an exceptionally large greyhound may need an even larger cage size.

Cage sizes will be required over time to reach minimum sizes as required by DEFRA after extensive consultation. These will be different for up to 8 hour and over 8 hour journey times to reflect the differing needs of the greyhounds. There may be some minor adjustments to all the travel conditions as not all of the relevant legislation has yet been completed, but the cage sizes are expected to be the final requirements.

Most trainers will be in the under 8 hours category (see previous Calendar regarding this aspect). The minimum cage dimensions will be: width 14", height 30", and length 40". There is also a requirement for every vehicle to be able to form one cage space at least 30" width by 30" height to allow secure and comfortable transport of an injured greyhound by allowing it to lie on its side This area may be made by removing a divider from a suitable cage.

All new applicants for GBGB licences will be required to comply with the minimum cage sizes as a condition of the licence being granted, as will any upgrading of licence e.g. from Greyhound trainer to Professional Greyhound trainer.

The GBGB is able to offer existing trainers up to 50% funding towards the cost of new travel cages that meet the minimum requirements. Contact us for more information and a grant application form.

Improvement notices where necessary for both cage sizes and ventilation will be issued by GBGB stipendiary stewards so that time is allowed for these changes to be put in place. Trainers should be aware that those with the smallest cage sizes now will be given a shorter time to comply than those whose cages are larger. The notice times may range from 2 months up to 2 years depending on the existing cage sizes, but all cages must be of the recommended sizes by the government deadline of 1st January 2010 and no further improvement notices will then be issued.

Trainers should contact their stipendiary stewards in the first instance for more information.